When your body weight starts to affect your health and makes you more prone to diseases, it might be because of your obesity. Obesity means having additional body fat which starts to change not only your appearance but also your active mindset. Obesity is when your body starts to sense heaviness from your limbs to joints, heart to knee and blood pressure to blood sugar. The extra fat cells are responsible for hormonal imbalances and inflammation which enhances your chances of getting chronic ailments.

Laparoscopic surgeon in Kolkata says that it is not impossible to overcome obesity. Let’s get started with the process of beating obesity.

Identification of the Problem

If you have gained weight beyond the normal amount, it will appear on the weighing scale. You also have to measure your waist to look for any belly fat. Other signs of obesity include lethargy, fatigue, shortness of breath, negligible interest in physical activities, enduring weakness, etc.

Contributing factors

According to the best laparoscopic surgeon in Kolkata, obesity does not develop overnight. There are several factors which play a role in making you overweight:

  • Genetically induced
  • Poor lifestyle choices
  • Quitting smoking and drinking
  • Lethargy
  • Intake of high-calorie food and beverages
  • Pregnancy
  • Irregular sleeping habits
  • Psychological factors


Months and years of incorrect judgment have contributed to the collection of body fat. It only takes you one weight loss surgery to shed away all your body fat and look all slim and trim again.

Bariatric Surgery

When a person fails to lose weight with home remedies and the additional bodyweight is causing severe health conditions, bariatric surgery is performed. Usually, it is carried out when the Body Mass Index (BMI) is 40 or higher. Bariatric surgery comprises gastric bypass and all the other weight-loss surgeries which involve making adjustments in the lower abdomen that can boost weight loss.


  1. Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass – This laparoscopic surgery, also performed in Kolkata, is the most common way of treating obesity. The surgery brings about a reduction in the amount of food you can eat at one go. The stomach is reduced to a small pouch that can hold a very limited amount of food. The absorption of food by the digestive system is restricted.

  2. Sleeve Gastrectomy – Around 80% of the stomach is removed. In other words, the stomach cannot contain food as it used to.

  3. Biliopancreatic Diversion With Duodenal Switch – There are two steps in this surgery:

  • Removing 80% of the stomach
  • Connecting duodenum with the end portion of the intestine

Perks Of Controlling Obesity

  • Reduced risk of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart diseases, cancer, etc.

  • More mobility and active behavior
  • More accomplishments in work and personal life
  • Decreased stress
  • High energy
  • Improved vitality
  • Better mood

When you keep in shape, you stay in an uplifted mood which results in a better social life.